Ep 4 – Augmented Reality Accessible to Small Wineries

Augmented reality (AR) is often thought to be only accessible to big brands such as 19 Crimes. On this episode Dave Chaffey from Third Aurora in Australia explains the concept of their innovative platform Winerytale. One of their goal is to create AR solutions that are useful, affordable, and accessible. Winerytale will be as simple […]

An online wine company is using customer data to develop products and gain traction with retailers

This story appeared first on Modern Retail: http://snip.ly/310xxr Vinebox, which sends shipments of wine-glass-sized bottles every three months — built a membership business off the back of selling packs of individual wine pours to subscribers. After gathering customer insight from subscribers around the types of wines they prefer over Vinebox’s past three-and-a-half years, and seeing users […]

Facebook and Instagram to restrict organic content related to alcohol

[This story appeared first on CNN] (CNN) Facebook will unveil a new policy on Wednesday to restrict sales and limit content related to alcohol and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, a company spokeswoman tells CNN. The new policy will prohibit all private sales, trades, transfers and gifting of alcohol and tobacco products on Facebook and Instagram, […]

Micro Influencer Marketing

People trust people. When searching for the right influencer for your winery, think micro rather than macro. Instagram influencers with less than 10,000 have seven times the engagement rate on Instagram as influencers with larger audiences . Analyze the engagement that influencers you plan to hire are getting from their audience using tools like: Phlanx or Tribber. […]