6 Engaging Social Post Ideas for Wine Businesses and Wineries Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) Closings

Many wine businesses, including customer-facing wineries and tasting rooms, have been asked to close temporarily by local authorities, to promote social distancing and contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the U.S., Italy, Spain and in other parts of the world. I can only imagine the impact this will have on the smaller wineries that rely so much on tasting room traffic to stay afloat. I dug up some resourced and compiled this extensive yet practical list of 58 possible social media post ideas that can help you keep your audience engaged, build your relationship with them and stay top of mind for when everything normalizes. Also, you can find these and other ideas in our free social media editorial template for wineries, by clicking here. On to the list of engaging post ideas!

1. Question Post

Let your audience pick your brain! Make a video or a visually attractive image post to invite people to ask YOU questions about your wine business. Some celebrities have successfully participated in a similar type of engagement with their followers in AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

2. Answer Post

By asking a question to your audience and letting them answer in the comment questions, you will get a ton of engagement with a relatively small investment in time and creativity, since this type of post is generally short. Your engaged audience will create the bulk of the content for you.

3. Challenge Post

Challenge your audience to do creative, funny or even challenging things while they are stuck at home. You can create a series of posts with updates featuring audience members that are participating in the challenge. Try also rewarding those who participate!

4. Customer Showcase Post

There’s a saying: “Know your customer like you know your grapes.” (I made that up a few months ago, ahem.) Does your audience love cats, dogs, lizards? Ask them to comment with a photo of their favorite pet! Cats and dogs are scientifically proven to increase post engagement. Lizards… I’m not too sure. It’s up to you to know your audience and hit them where they like it.

5. Freebie Post

We all love free stuff, don’t we? Giving away some free stuff is a great way to create engagement. And, obviously, you don’t have to give away your wine for free. Put your creative hat on and look for high-margin, branded items that you can easily ship for free: Bottle openers, coasters, keychains, etc. Or if you have a rewards/points system in place, give away free points! Of course, make them work a little for it: Ask them to like/share a post, send you photos of your wine in their kitchen, or a photo of how many wine corks they got!

6. Contest Post

While similar to the freebies, contests can be longer in duration and the prize can be more valuable. Here you are looking for mass interaction with your website, chatbot, signup for your newsletter or leave a review.

Need help on setting these up? Check out my free social media editorial calendar or book some time with me to brainstorm some unique engagement ideas for your wine brand!

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