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Get more tasting room reservations, traffic and eCommerce sales on your Commerce7, WineDirect or VinoShipper website with our managed services.

Cristian Ventura
Founder & CEO

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“Cristian is responsive to my requests for custom software. He keeps me up-to-date on his progress and turns the work around quickly.”
Angela Summers
Saffron Fields Vineyards

Marketing Tech Managed Services

Free up 10-15 hours of your month, and generate additional revenue for your winery. Here are some things that we help wineries with: Post content on their website (Events, Articles, Pages, Recipes). Optimize E-Commerce purchases. Add/Edit products, promotions, and more in WineDirect. Segment contact lists. Create Email/SMS/Ad campaigns. Create custom reports in WineDirect. Integrate with external systems like HubSpot, Channels, Referrals, etc. Troubleshoot website, WineDirect, and integration issues. Custom web development. Assess the existing tech stack to figure out how to maximize investment. We've been able to move the needle for our customers by taking care of these tasks, especially when they have a limited staff or budget. Instead of hiring additional full-time staff that you have to onboard, train and pay benefits before they start making an impact, take advantage of our local team of experts that can handle system integrations, graphic design, custom development and more.

Custom Software for Wine Brands

Custom Reports

Custom reports can provide valuable insights for wine brands that are connected to ecommerce platforms like Commerce7, WineDirect, and VinoShipper. These reports can help brand owners understand their sales performance, customer behavior, and other important metrics. Custom reports can be tailored to specific needs and can provide information on sales by product, region, or period. They can also track customer communication and purchase history, allowing brand owners to identify trends and opportunities. In addition, custom reports can be used to analyze inventory levels and manage stock more effectively. By harnessing the power of data analytics, wine brands can gain a deeper understanding of their business and make data-driven decisions that can help them grow and succeed in a crowded marketplace.

Transactional SMS & Email

To help wine brands improve their customer relationships, we offer a special service for creating custom transactional emails and SMS messages. These emails and messages can include thank you messages for purchases, shipping notifications, post-purchase surveys, event announcements, and more. By creating personalized communications, wine brands can improve their overall customer experience, build trust, and encourage repeat business. Our team is skilled in designing and developing these communications in a way that not only aligns with the brand's image but also meets the unique needs of their customers. With our custom transactional emails and SMS messaging service, wineries can stay connected with their customers and build lasting relationships leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

e-Signature for Wine Club Signups and Order Pickup

Wineries should use e-signature for wine club signups and order pickup because it provides a fast and convenient way for customers to sign up and retrieve their orders. E-signature eliminates the need for physical paperwork, which saves time and reduces errors that can occur during manual data entry. Moreover, e-signature provides
We provide a seamless service that connects to virtually any Wine Club and E-Commerce platform.

Custom websites

Trust us to help elevate your wine brand's digital presence with our essential custom website services. In today's ever-evolving digital age, flexibility is crucial for major wine brands. A custom-designed website for your brand will enable you to showcase your wines, share your story, and connect with your customers. Our team of skilled professionals will collaborate with you to create a website that accurately reflects your brand's aesthetic and values, ensuring that your customers can easily find what they need and establish a lasting connection with your brand. You can be confident in our ability to create a bespoke website that stands out from the crowd. We'll also connect your custom website to Commerce7, VinoShipper or The All New WineDirect to help streamline your e-Commerce sales.

Marketing Automation
for Wine Brands

Get your wines and events discovered by new audiences with Discovery Marketing

Marketing that helps your wine brand be discovered by the right consumers, increase website traffic and tasting room walk ins.


Search Engine Optimization for wineries that put your wine on the map (literally!)
We fix your website errors, create original content and distribute it so Google ranks you higher. We'll create and submit your wine product feed to the best platforms out there, including Google Shopping and Pix. With our knowledge and experience, we guarantee that your products will be seen by potential customers, giving you the edge you need in the competitive wine market.

Geofencing Ads​

Our incredible location-based marketing solution is guaranteed to boost foot traffic to your tasting room! With our cutting-edge targeting options, you can reach your ideal audience no matter where they are. Plus, our advanced tracking capabilities allow you to easily measure the success of your campaigns by tracking the number of visitors who actually walk through your doors after interacting with the ads. Say goodbye to lackluster foot traffic and hello to a thriving tasting room with our game-changing marketing solution!

Connected TV Ads

Through our partners at Simpli.fi we offers a unique CTV advertising solution that brings together the worlds of linear TV and digital. Leverage Simpli.fi’s proprietary weighted ranking system to identify relevant ZIP codes across the U.S. Access CTV advertising to easily complement linear TV efforts based on demographics and TV viewing data.
ZTV is an audience-first approach fueled by Automatic Content Recognition TV viewing data and U.S. Census data that allows advertisers to have a sound targeting method that increases the budget that is applied to the highest quality ad supported CTV inventory. This solution enables advertisers to maximize budgets applied to actual media impressions on large and small screen devices.

Paid Search and Social Ads

We help you take your wine brand to new heights through strategic promotion. By leveraging the power of online ads on top-tier websites and engaging social media platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest, we can effectively showcase your brand to a wider audience. Our targeted approach ensures that your brand is discovered by the right people, encouraging them to interact with your content and ultimately, become loyal customers. Trust our team to deliver results and elevate your wine brand to the top of its game.

Sell more wine and event tickets with E-Commerce Marketing

Email Marketing

By utilizing effective email messaging, you have the power to boost your online wine sales and increase the number of packs sold. It's time to tap into the potential of email and convince your clients to act on your offers. Encourage them to take advantage of your deals on pack sizes that include 3, 6, and 12 bottles. Additionally, entice them with tickets to exclusive events that they won't want to miss. Your email messages should focus on providing compelling information that inspires your clients to take action and purchase your products. So let's harness the power of email and maximize your conversions!

SMS Marketing

Transform your e-commerce wine sales with compliant SMS Marketing. You have the power to sell more 3, 6 and 12-packs, as well as event tickets, by crafting actionable email messages that drive conversions. With our easy-to-use yet powerful tools take your business to the next level and increase sales like never before.

eCommerce Optimization

We're experts in eCommerce platforms like Commerce7, WineDirect, OrderPort, and VinoShipper, and can help maximize your sales by improving the customer experience. We're passionate about optimizing and integrating these platforms to showcase your wines. We specialize in customized services tailored to your specific business needs. You can trust us with your eCommerce platform, so you can focus on making amazing wine.

Platform Integration for Wine Brands

Commerce7 Managed Services

We are experienced and reliable Commerce7 partners and can help you get started or get more with the Admin, Club, POS, Reservation and E-Commerce features in Commerce7 .

Website Design

Seamless Commerce7 integration with WordPress, HubSpot, SquareSpace and other CMS platforms.

Data Migration

We take care of your data migration from WineDirect, Orderport, Vinespring, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix and others.

App Development

We develop custom apps and reports for Commerce7. We have published some unique apps available for download from the C7 Apps & Extensions area.