92 percent of online Millennials watch digital videos.  While all other strategies mentioned in this article serve as the medium where you will connect with potential wine customers, video will serve as the perfect driver to get your message across. Start simple: film videos with your smartphone. Provide the raw, unedited experience of visiting your winery, tasting your wines, having fun at one of the events you host. U.S. Adults spend 6 hours per day watching video online. That should give you an idea of how video captures people’s attention. Can you think of any interesting ideas that might capture your audience’s attention? What about recording the different stages of your wine production? Unveiling new products? Live streaming events at your winery? How are impacting good causes in your community? How about revisiting your market research results for video content ideas?

Some free video editing apps for wineries: Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Spark Video, iMovie

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