Why I decided to quit my job and instead help Texas wine brands grow

Last Friday was my last day working as an employee.

Today April 18, 2022 IS my first official day working for myself.

Why did I decide to quit my job and do this now?

A little over 3 years ago before I moved to Austin, Texas. I was still living in Puerto Rico and I started doing research on what career path I wanted to follow.

I made a list of things that interest me and Wine made the most sense because it’s been there since the beginning of mankind. It’s in the Bible, it’s part of ancient culture and it’s still very relevant today. So I said to myself: “This seems like a life-long career path that will remain forever.”

In January 2019 I learned that Millennials were not as inclined toward wine as other generations. That piqued my interest. I read an article by Rob McMillan from the Silicon Valley Bank. I commented on that article and one of the people that replied was Barbara Lecuona from Siboney Cellars in Texas. She was very sweet, positive and kind.

I found a job in Austin and continued learning about the TX Wine industry first-hand. Also, my wife Michelle has family in Austin and her parents visit a few times a year, so it was a no-brainer to move here.

Fast forward to December 2021. We went through a life-changing experience where we learned that we were having a baby but that same day we also learned that it was not possible to conceive it. 

It was a rollercoaster of emotions. But we received exceptional medical attention as well as amazing support from family and friends. This got me thinking about the fragility of life. It especially hit hard when I was given a paper that mentioned burial options. It changed my perspective on how short and fragile life is.

As a family, we have certain goals that we want to accomplish. So now felt like the right time to launch into this adventure of working for myself along with a few friends that are amazing at what they do.

Plus I had validated a few things in the market that were proof that underserved customers were willing to pay for a high-quality service.

Everyone I’ve met in the Texas wine industry is warm, real and supportive.

So, here I am: day 1 on this adventure. 

I will be helping wine brands grow their business using digital marketing.

– Website audits.

– SEO & Content Marketing.

– Email Marketing.

– Paid advertising on Google, Instagram, TikTok.

– Media, Drone Footage

If you know people in the wine industry, feel free to pass my info along as I expand my network and continue growing with the booming Wine Industry.

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