Texas Wine Brands Can Now Benefit from Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Solutions by Ventura Consulting

AUSTIN, Texas, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ventura Consulting, an Austin-based digital marketing consultancy, officially launched on April 18, 2022. CEO Cristian Ventura noticed the increasing need for innovative marketing initiatives in small and medium wineries in the Texas wine industry. “Traditional services provided by big marketing firms can sometimes be out of reach of the moderate budget of a smaller winery. Our mission is to help Texas wine brands increase their wine tasting reservations, foot traffic and e-commerce sales with strategic, yet cost-effective, digital marketing initiatives. Our vision is to be the most trusted growth partner for wine brands, uncovering the wealth of digital potential that they possess,” says Cristian.

Ventura Consulting provides digital marketing services to the wine industry, focusing on Texas wine brands. Their services range from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Administration, Content and Email Marketing, Location-based Marketing, as well as Paid Advertising on Google Ads and on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Other services include Videography, Drone Footage, CRM Migration and Custom Reporting Solutions.

The main propellant to launching these marketing services, specifically for the Texas wine brands, is the warm people that make the industry. Winery owners and industry professionals are very welcoming of new ideas and strategies that could be executed with modern marketing technologies. Which is one of the main reasons Cristian moved to Austin from Puerto Rico, a little bit over 3 years ago, to learn more about the industry. Cristian recalls: “When I was deciding for a specific industry to apply my marketing knowledge and experience, wine made the most sense because I am fond of many memories made with friends and family around wine. Also, wine has been there since the beginning of history, it was an integral part of ancient cultures and it’s still relevant today. I am honored to be a part of this great family of wine-related businesses.”

About Ventura Consulting:
Ventura Consulting is an Austin-based digital marketing consultancy dedicated to serving the wine industry. We offer a wide-range of services including SEO, paid advertising and location-based marketing.

For more information about Ventura Consulting visit: https://vc.wine

Contact Information:
Cristian Ventura, CEO
Ventura Consulting
Tel. 787-567-5153
Email: c at cv.wine

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