Reach new customers online with Geofencing Ads for wine brands

Be seen where your customers are searching, browsing, playing and watching across Google Search, YouTube, Mobile Apps and the web. Get the most of your marketing budget with automated geofencing ads than can generate 40+% ROI.

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How you can use Geofencing advertising for your wine brand


Use Geofencing To Target Buildings, Nearby Traffic & Even Yourself For Customer Loyalty Marketing

Tradeshows & Events

Use Geofencing To Target Convention Centers, Stadiums, Sporting Events & Trade Shows


Use Our New Addressable Geofencing To Target Individuals Households: 1,000 – 1,000,000 Addresses

Retailers & Competitors

Target retailers or your competitor’s tasting rooms and serve ads to their customers

Benefits of Geofencing Ads for wine brands

  • Generate up to 40% ROI.
  • Target 10 – 1,000 individual locations.
  • Pinpoint target audiences based on precise areas, behavioral and demographic attributes.
  • Measure how many people visit your location after interacting with your ads.