Chatbots and Conversational Marketing

Conversational platforms are being touted for delivering personalized 1-on-1 messages that will generate more open rates and engagement than email. You may have heard of them and ask yourself: Is this another marketing fad or is it going to produce results for my winery? Like it or not, 67 percent of millennials said they were likely to purchase products from a brand using a chatbot.  Thus, the fact alone that you implement this communication channel on your marketing plan puts you on the playing field. The truth is, chatbots enable you to bypass slow and inefficient channels like email and connect in real time with customers in a dynamic and personalized way

Here are some use cases for chatbots (computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users) for the wine industry:

  • Provide food-wine pairing options

  • Educational content

  • Wine tasting bookings with ease

  • Redeem offers

  • Deliver stories about wines

  • Generate gift ideas

  • Customer service

  • Updates on order shipping status

  • Loyalty programs

Some chatbot resources: ManyChat

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