Actionable Reports for Commerce7

This reporting app gets you the info you need in seconds and you can interact with it on-screen. No need to create queries and wait for the email.

Price: Pay what you think it's fair

How does the Actionable Reports for Commerce7 work?​

Reports on Screen

Get key information on the screen, make decisions faster and use reports data more efficiently. First-time use requires a few minutes to gather information.

Powerful Integrations

Send your customers list to HubSpot, Klaviyo, and Mailchimp with our integrations and also export to csv!

Custom Reports

If you require a Commerce 7 custom report or dashboard, we can provide you with an estimate.

Powerful, actionable reports to get the Commerce7 information you need quickly and easily.

Bounced Emails

View and fix your bounced customer email addresses on one screen!


Search by customer name or email address

Quickly reach out to customers to get the correct email address

Export or print your list of bounced emails

Customers by Zip Code

Search for customers by zip code and add them to your CRM or Export with one click!

Filter Customers by any Zip Code

Expand your search by radius

Tag your lists and export to your CRM

Customers by Loyalty Tier

Filter customers by loyalty tier and quickly see your most loyal customers. Add them to your CRM or Export with one click!

See your most loyal customers at a glance!

Search by name and email

Filter by Loyalty Tier

Club Memberships on Hold

Get a global view of all the wine club memberships currently on hold, the reasons, and the dates when the hold ends. Contact information is quickly at hand to reach out to members.


Filter memberships on hold by club

Search by name, email or phone number

Update the hold date and reasons right from the report

Inventory needed to complete Subscription Club Processing

See all inventory needed to complete subscription club processing in one screen

Global view of inventory needed to complete sub clubs

Broken down by product / SKU and location

See qty sold in the last 30 days as well as expected availability

Powerful Integrations

Our easy-to-connect integrations will save you so much time you won’t now what to do with it. Don’t see the platform you use? You can request integrations as well as vote on existing ideas! More integrations coming soon!

Why use this app vs. other solutions?

Friendly Support

Call, text, chat, or email us. We'll always respond and try to resolve any issues within an hour.

Simple to use

With a few clicks, our app connects to your HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo. Other platforms coming soon!

We Listen

If you have any feature requests or report ideas, send them our way! We love feedback and incorporate as much of it as we can.

Pricing: Pay What you Think It's Fair

$29/month (Suggested)

After you install the app you can select the price you want to pay per month to have full access to the reports.

Monthly pricing. No commitments are necessary. Cancel anytime.

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